Karl Marx Was A Broker – ‘Monoscope’

The Story So Far – ‘Heavy Gloom’

Carpenter Brut – ‘Turbo Killer’

Cosmo – ‘Le Voci’

DZ Deathrayz – ‘Blood On My Leather’

NxWorries – ‘Link Up’

Earl Swavey ft. Jay Worthy, Hop Out – ‘Trippin”

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – ‘Me Is Who I Love’

Koi Child – ‘1-5-9’

Foxing – ‘Night Channel’

Speak – ‘Free Wind’

Throwing Shade – ‘Marble Air’

Per chi non si accontenta

Tyler, The Creator – ‘What The Fuck Right Now

Corkscrew N°4453556 – ‘Spoffish Abort-1332

La Sera – ‘I Need An Angel

Ghali – ‘Dende

Appaloosa – ‘Supermatteron

Into It. Over It. – ‘Vis Major

Sol – ‘Happiness

Walls Of Jericho – ‘Fight The Good Fight

Big Cream – ‘Space Collage

Mitski – ‘Your Best American Girl

Hammock – ‘Dissonance

Samb – ‘Baser

Black Milk & Nat Turner – ‘Sunday Outtake 1

Saffronkeira – ‘Epifonema

Elzhi – ‘February

Elias Abid – ‘Falling Seas

Jah – ‘Deep Notes

Hovvdy – ‘Problems

Kilo Kish – ‘Existential Crisis Hour!

Modern Baseball – ‘Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind

Francesco Banci e Filippo Gualandi

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